Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Last Empty Gesture

Kaus to American troops: Drop dead.

That's not a paraphrase. In the course of bashing Hillary Clinton, physical and mental midget Mickey Kaus shows that he's not afraid for American servicemen and women to die in the war he loves. The hairless hack writes:

P.S.: It's not too early to say that Hillary's performance in the opening weeks has been impressively unimpressive. It's pretty clear in retrospect, that the war with Iraq, however it comes out, was a bad gamble. A mistake, in other words. But now that we've made the mistaken gamble, it also seems clear--to Mohammed at least--that the surge might do some good. The correct position, by these lights, was War No, Surge Yes. It would be selfishly callous, in a stereotypically American way, for us to invade Iraq, make a mess, and then not be willing to pay any extra price to help fix the mess we've made. (Murtha's demand that the troops be given "a year at home" -- and the heck with what happens to Iraqis like Mohammed -- only emphasizes this self-interested perspective.)
What price is Kaus willing to pay to help fix the mess he's made in Iraq? Well, he's at least willing to sacrifice another 3,200 American lives, more if need be. And he's willing to extend the troops' tours for as long as it takes -- and the heck what happens to those men and women and their families.

Sorry, Kaus. I didn't invade Iraq and make a mess of it. Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld did. And Bush supporters/apologists like you did. And yes, the Members of Congress like Senator Clinton did. So get back to me after you get your fat ass out of your comfy condo and contribute something -- anything -- to the war effort or the Iraqi people whose lives you destroyed.

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