Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tri-Corner Hacks

I've got to admit that the almost-never right Sully Joe got this one right:

Mickey Kaus accuses Joe Klein of having it both ways on the Iraq war. I'd say that's better than having no coherent position on the war at all, except fathomless bitchiness toward anyone who ever had the balls to take a stand. But that's Mickey - circling the drain of his own irrelevance. And bitchily attacking anyone who's trying honestly to do better.
Except that's not a drain, and we don't call it "circling" here in the United States. And Klein's as worthless as Kaus, except in writing skills. But those are minor quibbles.

The latest ploy from the hairless hack (Kaus, not Sullivan, or Klein) was to wonder who would suffer politically if the surge succeeded. Kaus's fantasy was that Dems (and Chuck Hagel, who took Kaus's spot in Vietnam) would suffer. Of course, no concern was expressed for those who have suffered pre-surge or those who would suffer because of the surge.

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