Monday, November 13, 2006

Hanging Chad

That's what you do with terrorists, right?

A long time ago, somewhere on the internet, I referred to Timmy McVeigh as a Freeper with follow-through. According to reports, we now have Malk-Hata's Number 2 man in federal custody.

According to an FBI affidavit obtained by Radar, Chad Conrad Castagana, who was arrested Monday on suspicion of sending powder-filled envelopes to Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, Sumner Redstone, David Letterman, Pelosi, and New York Senator Charles Schumer, purchased a $15 money order made out to "Friends of Katherine Harris" last September at a Woodland Hills, Calif., post office while he was picking up the envelopes and stamps he employed to terrorize the liberal elite.

So hanging Chad would be an execution and a tribute to Katherine Harris, all in one.

Other reports suggest that Chad, aged 39, unemployed and still living in his parents' basement, is a poster to rightwing blogs and an enthusiastic fan of Michelle Malkin. (These things practically write themselves.) The FBI and Department of Homeland Security might want to check out Chad's e-mail and buddy lists while they're searching his computer. Of course, there's no conclusive evidence that Malkin gave financial support to Castagana or helped him come up with his more clever anti-Semetic slurs, but then again there was no evidence that Chaplain James Yee passed information to Muslim prisoners of war or that Joel Henry Hinrichs was a Muslim, so you never know.

It's good to see progress in the war on terror. Of course, Chad is innocent until proven guilty through a confession obtained by waterboarding, preferably performed by our Egyptian allies.

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