Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blog Party Of One

So far, I think things have gone nearly as well as could be expected.

Race hustler Michael Steele was crushed like a rancid Hydrox. Mike DeWine and Ken Blackwell got their asses kicked. Chris Chocola got privatized. J.D. Hayworth's bloated red face turned purple, then blue. God told Katherine Harris to go fuck herself. Carol Sherwood will get to spend more time with her husband. Curt Weldon has plenty free time to consult with his defense team and psychiatric professionals. And the remains of Rick Santorum's career were passed around by the Santorum children and then buried in the back yard of that Pennsylvania home they never use.

That lying little putz Dicky Pombo may lose too.

Brit Hume looked like he was going to cry, and not just when Michelle "Bugs" Malkin read her third grade book report to him.

The only major Republican win so far was in Connecticut.

The Predator and Steve Poizner won in California, unsurprisingly, but it looks like parental notification will lose.

Best of all, Chinless Ken Mehlman has no credibility left, and neither do any of these simpering jackasses.

Let the games begin.

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