Thursday, November 23, 2006

Beltway Incest At Its Finest

I've tried to post comments a (very) few times on The Huffington Post, but they've never appeared. Perhaps someone thinks I'm trying to pass myself off as O.J.'s benefactor over at the FOX Network. It certain isn't for quality control reasons.

Anyway, here's a rough attempt at recreating (and expanding upon) my aborted comment in response to this Steve Clemons post:

"John McCain and Joseph Lieberman are also both attracted to Marshall Wittman because of his work and thinking about a 'new campaign of national greatness.'" A new campaign of national greatness? The voters must be wetting themselves over that! Those running on an old platform of national shittiness don't stand a chance.

What exactly has Wittmann the Giant ever acheived in his legendary career, apart from self-promotion? Because I don't see anything about that in your post, or in the New York Times article. You seem to think that he has the skills to bamboozle (or seduce) "many pundits," but there's already a surplus of chuzzlewits who guzzle the Maverick/Holy Joe Drano without Wittmann's assistance.
The man is so impressive that you can't manage to spell him name correctly once.

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