Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Spew From Sully's Window

You can tell a lot about an idiot from the witlessness of his blog posts. Today, Sully quotes the following Q & A (from Crazy Davy's e-rag) with free market blow-up doll John Stossel:

Q: That puts you at odds with both liberals and conservatives. Which side hates you or dislikes you more -- liberals or conservatives? You are in favor of legalizing drugs, you're not against abortion -- things like that would annoy conservatives. But you're also in favor of free-market solutions to just about everything, from schools to buses.

STOSSEL: I think homosexuality is all right. And yet the conservatives will pay me a $40,000 speaking fee -- which goes to charity, by the way -- and invite me to their events and have me on their shows. But the liberals will have nothing to do with me.

Sully then pipes up:

You can tell a lot about a movement by whether it is mainly interested in finding converts or heretics. Neither side is blameless in this; but the lefties would be more convincing in their appeals for tolerance if they engaged in more of it themselves.

Gee, Sully, did you ever consider that "lefties" might take Stossel's self-promotion more seriously if he applied his purported myth-busting skills to, say, debunking Bill Bennett's statistical lies about the life expectancy of gay men, or bogus claims linking abortion to breast cancer (or about the risks of RU-486), or the Office of Drug Control Policy's scare tactics regarding marijuana? Somehow The Stosser and 20/20 never find the time to bust such fascist fairy tales.

As for the relative merits of the liberal and conservative "movements," I'd say you can tell a lot more about a movement by whether it's stupid enough to pay $40,000 to hear a speech by a journalistic fraud.

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