Monday, May 08, 2006

Corner O' Crap

James Wolcott puts the ant-like intellects of NRO's Corner under the magnifying glass and waits for the clouds to part. Here's a couple of my favorites which didn't make the Wolcott cut. (No links, they were both posted today)

First, here's the Boy of Dough on the Man of Steel:

Superman! [Jonah Goldberg]

From a reader:

Please explain to me why brian singer must ruin every major comic book movie adaption, what x-men wasn't enough? Superman comes back and Lois Lane has another man's baby?!?!?! Have you seen the latest trailer ? Its like he is trying to piss off the core group of every comic book's fan base. I predict a flop (or rather a not particular notable success-$100M), its typically the core fans and families that make a movie a blockbuster, people whose kids demand to see it several times or the hard-core fans who see several times, well unless this is superman's kid and its handled very well, this movie is dead before it arrives. I saw the trailer and instead of cool special effects making me go I must see this, I could get beyond how f-ing annoyed I was with lois lan has another man's kid part.

Me: Personally, I think the trailer looks pretty good, and I'm more forgiving of the deviations from orthodoxy in the X-Men movies. The potentional for controversy over Lois's single mom status, however, could be interesting in that Lois Lane was once iconic as the American career woman. It might be an intriguing bit of social commentary that they made her unable or unwilling to keep the father around. As for whether it was smart commercially or advisable "artistically" who knows? I'm still going to see it.

Clearly Jonah's the go-to guy whenever a female comic book character steps out of line and displays some sexual autonomy. But I'm surprised there was no follow up by Kate O'Beirne condemning Lois Lane as an America-destroying slut.

Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh Drag King K-Lo plugs some sort of anti-choice fun fair to be held in darkest Manhattan:

Party for Life [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Congrats to the good people at the Midtown Pregnancy Support Center, who are celebrating their ten-year anniversary this Saturday night in Manhattan. Tickets aren't cheap but support important work and it promises to be a fun night -- good food, company, and music. Consider if you can and are so inclined. Invite can be seen here, tickets can be ordered here.

Full disclosure: They're also "honoring" yours truly there -- which I'd shy away from if I didn't consider it a mandate to spend Saturday night plugging you know what.
No, not that. Pornmumu's book.

That's the another thing about the Cornerdomites. They're always either plugging something, begging for something or blabbing about how someone sent them something. You could spend all day on Mission Street, in front of an actual mission, and not run across as many aggressive panhandlers (or such unpleasant ones). There's no other blog, right, left or center, where the participants so tirelessly yammer about crap they're trying to sell you.

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