Tuesday, May 23, 2006

For all those you blessed without a subscription to Times Select, here's what you failed to learn from today's columns:

John Tierney: Al Gore was right about global warning, but there wasn't any reason to believe him when he said it. And Gore's movie is neither inconvenient nor true because it doesn't promote nuclear power, and because Gore's still an unlikeable poindexter.

Nicholas Kristof: One or more of the 3,800 entrants to the Win A Trip With Nick Kristof contest sent Nick nude photos. Not that Kristof is encouraging that; he's just sayin'. The winner is a 23 year-old Mississippi woman in j-school, who comes from a disadvantaged background. Her winning essay says of her childhood, "I never saw France or London." And, God willing, she'll never see Kristof's underpants either.

The 3,799 runners-up get nothing but Pistof's exhortation to "fly to Bangkok" on their own dime. Pistof thinks every American college should require its students to study abroad, and that leprechauns should foot the bill. Also, young Americans should travel in impoverished Asian and South American countries, which, while dangerous, have $5 "hotels" and "in rural areas, people may invite you to stay free in their huts." (I hear that in some rural areas of Colombia, the natives even greet you in their fields, smile and pass along a sample of their yield.)

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