Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Serious Post

A year ago, I had a bit of fun at the expense of Dick Dasen Snr., a wealthy Montana businessman who spent millions to have sex with various poor/drug addicted women in Kalispell, MT. over a period of years. In 2003, Mr. Dasen's activities intersected with a murder when his DNA was found on a bedspread at a local Motel 6 where a 26-year-old woman, Darlene Wilcock, was found strangled. By all reports that I've seen, including this one, local law enforcement says that Dasen had nothing to do with the murder; he had just been a former occupant of the room where Ms. Wilcock was killed. (However, it was alleged that Dasen referenced Ms. Wilcock's death as a means to intimidate his own victims.)

It's been more than three years since Darlene Wilcock was murdered, and her killer or killers have not been found. There's some suggestion that police identified a suspect, but have don't have enough information for an arrest.

Ms. Wilcock's aunts have created a webpage at which they've posted a request for e-mails or other assistance from anyone who might know anything about the murder:

The family has put up fliers as they work to solve the murder. They've also written letters to "America's Most Wanted" about Darlene's case. But so far no interest has been shown from the show. There's also been little interest from the public on the Web site the family set up for Darlene in her memory and hoping that someone would read it and leave a tip on it. "Don't be afraid. IF IT HAS TO BE ANONYMOUS, it can be. Just anything, if you know something and aren't saying , just say it," said Darlene's mom, Marla Friske.

Now police are still taking tips on this case. If you have any information, call the Kalispell Police Department or go to news and click on the Wilcock Murder Fast Link. That will connect you with the family's website and you can leave a message there.

(Note: The NBC link is gone.)

Given this site's small readership, it seems doubtful anyone reading this will have any information. I'm posting this because I can't imagine the pain caused by the unresolved loss of a beloved family member. I hope that Ms. Wilcock's family will find answers to their questions and whatever justice is possible in an unjust world.

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