Monday, May 15, 2006


How does Tony Snow keep his lying mug off of C-SPAN? He eliminates the cameras.

In Howie the Putz's second, aptly-titled Snowblower in three weeks, Snow floats a trial ballon:

Some print reporters want the cameras out, saying the briefings have degenerated into high-decibel theater in the decade since the Clinton White House turned the sessions into a television show. But the networks like the ready availability of sound bites and many people have grown accustomed to watching the briefings on cable or, more recently, on the Internet.

"I'm agnostic on it," Snow says. He will discuss the issue with White House correspondents, and "if it's better with the cameras off, we'll probably do it. My guess is that you're not going to eliminate them entirely."

And the Putz doesn't disappoint: The Clinton Administration's decision to make press briefings more accessible to the public becomes "turn[ing] the sessions into a television show." Funny, my television doesn't get the Clinton Channel.

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