Monday, May 29, 2006

Roger's Book Sac

Does the Doughy Pantload's ghost writer have writer's block? According to, Jonah Goldberg's forthcoming tome, I Heart Hitler, is not due out until March 20, 2007. The cover art for the book, featuring a self-portrait by Goldberg's mother, was finished at least seven months ago.

How long can it take the Pantload's ghost to cut-and-paste 272 pages of crap from the internet? Even Former-Liberal-Looking-For-A-Book-Deal and UFO-ologist Keith Thompson's book, Snubbed At a Dinner Party, will be out by October.

May I instead recommend Michael Berube's book, which is coming out in September? A book written by someone's whose written more books than Goldberg has read - imagine that!

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