Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wide World of Denial

Let's check the reax to the Abramoff plea across the Republican wingnutosphere.

Depends Media: "It may be just another wave of a rumor that has been swirling for some time, but the Los Angeles Times writes in its predictions for 2006 that Google will make a big announcement next Friday at the CES computer show in Las Vegas."

Mister Ed: "...Markos can kiss my entire ass."

InstaCracker: "THE WSJ LAW BLOG has an Abramoff guilty plea roundup."

BrokebackLine: The usual delusional crap; nothing about Abramoff.

Hugh Fuckwit: "The Abramoff scandal is a big DC story and even a potentially national story...."

Michelle Malice: "The Democrats are somehow involved, though I can't explain how." (paraphrase)

Roger el-Simon: Too busy researching Swiss banking and extradition treaties to blog today.

The Corner: "BABY NAMES [Kathryn Jean Lopez] This is a cool site."

Kudlow's Nose Candy Politic$: Lists line up for teevee show, nothing about Jackoff.

But here's my favorite, from NewsBusters.Org:

Matthews Calls Abramoff "Satan", Uses Phrase "Republican Culture of Corruption"
Posted by Ian Schwartz on January 3, 2006 - 15:38.

In an appearance on MSNBC today just after 1 PM Eastern time, Chris Matthews didn't accuse Jack Abramoff of being in the "Republican culture of corruption", but still uses the term:
MATTHEWS: He's cut a deal. The deal means he has to talk and that means if he's plead guilty to bribery that means he's bribed people. (Editor's Note: Thanks Chris for telling us the meaning of bribery) That means he's going to tell people who he bribed and that could be a half-dozen Congressman, it could be more, we've seen reports of more than 20 people involved here, including staffers. Mostly Republicans, not all Republicans who've figured in this story so far. I think it's going to be a big, sleezy story. I'm not sure it's partisan. I'm not sure people are going to see him as part of any Republican culture of corruption.
Matthews then went on to describe Abramoff's looks -- which was kind of scary -- and called him "Satan."

Tweety spins for the G.O.P., dismissing the concept of a Republican culture of corruption, and Ian still gets his knickers in a twist. Keep all sharp objects away from Ian.

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