Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ready, Aim, Fire

"Ayres, one of the state's best-known Republican consultants and pollsters, said the best way to determine Reed's political future would be to 'ask Jack Abramoff. Only [the former lobbyist] and some prosecutors know what he has to say about Reed.' Pichon, the Dawson County Republican, said: 'If Reed ends up winning the primary, we might be at the point where we blow our brains out over that issue.'" -- Washington Post

Actually, a gentle breeze could accomplish the same thing.

Meanwhile, Ralph Reed has turned from agnostic to true believer in his results-oriented defense of his scumbaggery. A month ago, Reed asserted:

"We will never know how many marriages and lives were saved, or how many children were spared the consequences of compulsive gambling."

Since then, according to the WaPo, he's received a divine revelation:

"Many marriages and lives were saved" and "many children were spared the consequences of gambling because of the work I did."

It's a miracle.

(Post story via firedoglake)

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