Saturday, January 21, 2006

"The 'Sacking' of O'Beirne"

Now that's a true double-bagger.

The link above leads to the efforts of one Kathryn Benedict XVI-Lopez, who is outraged that folks would mock Kitty O'Beirne's book, illustrated on its cover with unflattering caricatures, by creating a fake book cover with an unflattering caricature of O'Beirne. It's beyond the pale of Rich Lowry's inner thighs, huffs Lopez.

Next thing you know, someone with better computer and artistic skills than me will review Jonah Goldberg's forthcoming tome on "liberal fascists" by photoshopping a Hitler 'tache on the Doughy Pantload.

Though my record is far from perfect, I try to avoid commenting on the appearances of others, and not only because I'm no beauty contest winner myself. Those who engage in such tactics themselves, however (I'm looking at you, Kaus, and Big Pharma), are fair game. In O'Beirne's case, her inner ugliness far exceeds her sourpuss appearance. And Lopez could never look as stupid as the things she writes.

(Link via World O'Crap.)

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