Monday, January 23, 2006

It's scary how much Steve M.'s thoughts about this review of Norah Vincent's new book, Limp Like Me, parallel my own. I don't also buy the stories about the "Mametian" job selling Entertainment coupon books either, which I (briefly) read an excerpt of in the paper version of the now-defunct Radar magazine.

Let's just say not everyone is as gullible as the reviewer, David Kamp, appears to be. Nor do many people think of plumbers and construction workers as "the underclass" or "'white trash,'" as Kamp appears to. But then again, Kamp praises Vincent for her "lack of agenda or presuppositions" in one paragraph, while commenting on Vincent's surprise that her bowling buddies weren't full of "rage and racism" in the next. Maybe the book only seems fake if you actually read it.

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