Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Doug Bendownlo, Male Gigolo

At The Corner, Jonathan Adler vouches that his pal Doug Bandow is a high-class ho:

"On a personal note, I've known Doug for many years, and I certainly hope he lands on his feet. While taking money from Abramoff was dumb, there's no question that Doug is a man of principle who would not change his opinions for small amounts of money."

Oh, when times get tough enough, I except we'll see Doug by the freeway on ramp, opining for spare change.

(1/4/06, 12:54 PM; link's not working for me, and it's not worth the effort.)

Meanwhile, the Doughy Pantload's bored with the Abramoff story, but manages to yawn out his belief that "K-Street corruption" stories were more plentiful under the Clenis. Bats' Boy should be renting out his head as storage space.

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