Friday, January 13, 2006

It Is Better That A Hundred Innocent Men Be Incarcerated Than That One Guilty Man Also Be Incarcerated

John J. Miller, one of the lesser-known Corner nimrods, opines:

"I've seen commercials in recent weeks for a new show on ABC called In Justice, whose basic plotline, every episode, appears to revolve around ordinary folks who've been cheated by the criminal justice system -- innocents behind bars, etc. Maybe it's a great show. (I have my doubts, but I haven't seen it.) Personally, I'd prefer a program that focuses on what is probably a much bigger problem -- people behind bars who claim they're innocent, even though they're lying."

Screw those innocents who have lost their liberty, their families and their dignity through wrongful conviction -- we need to do something about those guilty persons who are in prison!

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