Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Part VI -- 10 Points

The Year In Preview

This year, we add a forward-looking section to the quiz. Answers will be posted January 1, 2007, I should live so long.

1. The longest prison sentence in 2006 went to which of the following:
a. Jack Abramoff
b. Kenneth Lay
c. Irving "Scooter" Libby
d. Tom DeLay
e. Karl Rove
f. Dick Cheney
g. Michael Scanlon
h. Drugs Limbaugh
i. Bob Ney

2. Bush's lowest job approval rating in 2006 fell below which of the following:

a. 35
b. 32
c. 30
d. 28
e. 25
f. 20

3. This film's Best Picture award at the 2006 Academy Awards caused el-Bent Bozell III's second heart attack:

a. Syriana
b. Munich
c. Brokeback Mountain
d. Goodnight And Good Luck
e. Transamerica
6. Capote
7. Herbie: Fully Loaded

4. The greatest percentage increase in the past 12 months (since December 31, 2005), occurred in the following:

a. The national average price for regular unleaded gas
b. The Dow Jones Industrial Average
c. The unemployment rate
d. The national average home price
e. The number of Americans who think Bush should be impeached
5. The first conservative commentator and/or columnist to be caught accepting payola in 2006 was ________________.

Scoring: Two points for each correct answer.

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