Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Part IV -- 20 Points

Liars In Love

In 2005, Republicans were mostly able to keep their pants on (or at least out of the papers) and focus instead on their goals of denying sexual autonomy, equality and reproductive rights to their fellow citizens. What was lacking in quantity, the G.O.P. nonetheless made up for in diversity.

Match the Republican:

1. Bernard Kerik

2. Mickey Kaus

3. Drugs Limbaugh

4. Lewis Libby

5. James Guckert

6. Joe Braun

7. John Bolton

8. Oswego, NY, Mayor John Gosek

9. Neal Horsley

10. Jim West

With the actual or alleged object of his erection:

a. Underage girls

b. Mistress Daryn

c. motobrock

d. swing clubs

e. A bear

f. Judith Regan

g. A collared woman

h. A mule

i. Straight cowboys

j. Anyone with $200

Note: I wasn't present for any of this, and I couldn't be happier.

Scoring: Two points for each correct answer.

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