Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Part V -- 20 Points

Multiple Guess

There are no stupid questions. There are only stupid answers.

1. Which of the following terms did the Bush Administration and its media flunkies use to describe "Voluntary Personal Retirement Accounts"?
a. Private accounts
b. Privitization
c. Partial privatization
d. A windfall for our base
e. a, b and c but not d.

2. Which of the following is Mickey Kaus willing to give up to defeat terrorists?

a. His hair
b. His credibility
c. Your right to privacy
d. His fear of imaginary African-Americans and Hispanics with baseball bats.

3. Which one of the following politicians did not place his wife on a campaign and/or staff payroll to boost his family income?

a. Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX)
b. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher(R-CA)
c. Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA)
d. Rep. David Dreier (R-CA)

4. How many House Democrats voted for the 2005 "Bankruptcy Reform" bill:

a. 143
b. 53
c. 63
d. 73
e. 83

5. Which of the following bits of crappy prose did not cost suckers $3.5 to 7 million:

a. "The liberal left gives succor to the radical elements of Islam by opposing executive power against our enemies."
b. "The Iraqi list of Allawi in another reaction said that they commission received 23 alerts of 'Red Flag' complaints which represent the highest level of violations, a spokesman of the list said they will obstruct the formation of the new government if the commission ignored those complaints."
c. "Lion Eats Lamb's March 2005 assessment of the Bush administration's indifference to the Irish Peace Process takes on a new perspective in retrospect."
d. "Geoffrey Mock of Human Rights in Egypt has been following the Nour trial for some time says 'There are strong voices for Egyptian democracy in the country, voices that speak from a wide range of opinions. ...'"
e. "The cars have been attacked by baseball bats. One witnesses is reporting by cell phone from behind bushes and trees."
6. Which of the following was not written by Kathryn J. Lopez at The Corner:
a. "I just dialed a wrong #. (Yes, I occassionally exist off of the Internet.) It was Jerry Springer."
b. "Peggy, keep your claws off B16."
c. "Dennis Miller is off CNBC as of Friday. Someone get this man another show.... He's a smart, funny dude.
d. "The pope never condemned the war in Iraq."

7. Which of the following did Judith Miller not complain about while in prison?

a. Her bedding
b. Bloggers
c. The television preferences of the other inmates
d. American casualties resulting from false claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction
e. The lack of privacy

8. Which of the following did Mark Tosspot, Michelle Malkin et al. not cite as evidence of Joel Henry Hinrichs III's Islamojihadofascistic tendencies:

a. Plastic bottles in the trunk of his car
b. The expiration date of his car's registration
c. His Pakistani roommate
d. Facts

9. Which of the following books will be published next year?

a. Who Moved My Government Cheese: How Liberals Ruined My Wonderful Gravy Train, by Armstrong Williams (WND Books)
b. Lynched: How Liberals Made Ku Klux Klan A Dirty Word, and How You Can Fight To Restore Its Honor, by Wes Pruden (Stormfront/VDare Books)
c. Rebel-in-Chief: How George W. Bush Is Redefining the Conservative Movement and Transforming America, by Fred Barnes (Crown Forum)
d. Blog II: Electric Blogaloo, by Hugh Hewitt (Regnery)
e. How Democrats Are Hitler, by Jonah Goldberg (Thomas Nelson Books)

10. To date, the direct financial cost of the War Against Iraq for American taxpayers is:

a. 175 billion
b. 200 billion
c. 229 billion
d. 247 billion
e. 284 billion

Scoring: Two points for each correct answer.

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