Monday, January 06, 2014

Will The Editors Of The New York Post Be Fired For Their Bigotry?

Asked no Howard Kurtz ever:
If anyone ever thought Kurtz was anything more that a wingnut Murdoch castrati, their delusions should end right now.

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Montag said...

There's no question that Kurtz has made outright hacks look good by comparison. He's gonna fit right in at News Corp.

fry1laurie said...

He's right, the liberals would have asked for a resignation. Just like conservatives are right now for Harris-Perry. But liberals would have had their request attacked for "free speech" concerns.

Roger said...

I don't doubt some liberals (not "the liberals") would have done that.

My comment is directed at the fact that Kurtz has twatted endlessly about MHP, but remains silent about the scumbag antics of Murdoch properties.