Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's Also Good News For John McCain

Meeeegan McArdle claims she won one of those debates where you "win" the debate by planting losers in the audience who will lie and claim they changed their position to your side in the course of two hours.  In truth, McArdle's side lost the debate, 59 to 32 percent.  But the libertarian half-wit claims victory by virtue of decreasing by 16 percent the total votes against her. (That's how Mitt Romney became our 46th President, dont'cha know?)

No doubt the McArdle trophy case is full of participation ribbons, stretched out of shape during McArdle's efforts to pry them from their bearers.

And then there's this:
My favorite moment from the debate, and I’m obviously biased, occurred when McArdle denied that she philosophically opposes national health insurance, prompting me to quote the headline of this 2009 McArdle column, “Why I Oppose National Health Care.”
Lying to achieve "victory," The oldest libertarian trick in The Fountainhead.   

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