Friday, January 03, 2014

The Inevitable Pindick Burns

David Brooks waxes nostalgic:
On my journeys to South Philly, I set a goal: I was going to spend $20 on an ounce. But although I asked my dealer for the most expensive shit he had -- Acapulco Gold, "panama red," or whatever — I always failed.


R. Porrofatto said...

Look, what he's saying is partially tongue-in-cheek. I'm sure he got several mini-ounces in South Philly, and none of them topped $20.
(Brooks is having surgery soon to remove the tongue from his cheek, since it sticks out of the side of his mouth Miley-like these days.)

fry1laurie said...

"Yes, I would like to purchase some fine marijuana if you please, good vendor. Do you have any Acapulco Gold, Panama Red or similar expensive Mary Jane for my refined and exquisite taste?"

"FO, Narc."

gmoke said...

$20 an ounce!? Let me at it. Street prices in Boston are $45 to $60 for quarter ounces of commercial weed - as my informants tell me. CO, according to news reports, is charging $100 per quarter ounce in their legal smoke shops.

Montag said...

Well, the fact that Brooks stopped smoking dope might--although not fully--explain why he's such a small-minded dickhead, and not just about war on drugs.

Moreover, there's the lingering question of whether he ever smoked marijuana at all, even if he thinks so. If you were a dealer and saw somebody as lame as Brooks approaching, wouldn't you sell him oregano?

Roger said...

Faux BoBo was speaking of back in the day, when a steak and lobster dinner at The Lobster was $5.99.