Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fear of Plowing

What the zipless fuck?
They largely ignored the well-heeled Upper East Side until nearly 5 inches fell — according to the city’s PlowNYC Web site — and by then, buses were stranded and people could barely cross the streets.
 “The Upper East Side did not vote for [de Blasio],” said lifelong resident Molly Jong Fast, daughter of famed novelist Erica Jong.
She said de Blasio “is trying to get us back.”
Not enough coddling for you, Molly?

A few inches of powder destroys one's self-consciousness, it seems:
But it’s hardly the Upper East Side she knew growing up, says Jong-Fast, who, though now married to an investment banker, prefers that people be “self-conscious about their wealth, especially in these times.” Dressed in black the other day, with no makeup, bangles or earrings, she looked more downtown than up.
Then again, she says, when she grew up — with bohemian-writer parents in a hot-pink townhouse on 94th Street — money wasn’t something you flaunted.
While they were upper-middle-class and sent little Molly to private school, they didn’t dispatch her there by limo, as some parents did.
“They liked to make fun of rich people,” she says of her mom, dad and stepdad. “Maybe they were jealous!”
Or maybe Mom wasn't scared of five inches.


The Precious said...

I don't understand. They're rich people. They want everything privatized. So when snow falls, they can't hire snow plows with their gazillions? They have to have the state look after them?

Bunch of socialist douche nozzles if you ask me. Ayn Rand would slap them silly.

ihsanmagazine said...

yeah i think so but we must go on right?