Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Tar Heels All Wounds

An early contender for the 2014 Renault Award:
The university provost, James W. Dean Jr., said in an interview that there had been no way to anticipate such behavior on a large scale in an institution that relies on the professionalism and basic good will of its employees.
"Universities for a very long time have been based on trust,” Mr. Dean said. “One of the ramifications of this is that now we can no longer operate on trust.”
College athletes being given unearned grades to maintain eligibility -- how could we have known?  It's not like UNC is running a business, where things like that could be expected.

Dean Deanie may have a stroke when someone tells him about "gifts from alumni."

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Montag said...

The only thing about college football I've seen that's funnier than Dean's shock and surprise was watching Milt Morin trying to get into the XKE coupe he bought with his signing bonus from the Browns.

And that required almost as many contortions as Dean's statement.