Monday, January 14, 2013

Rudy Con Fail

Over at Newsbusters for Children, an unemployed sportswriter and all-around dolt claims that  "there was also a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage Republican in office while Dunham lived in New York (Brooklyn) in the form of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani."

No, there wasn't. Guiliani supported domestic partnerships (which conferred very limited benefits) when he was mayor of New York City.  Afterwards, he supported civil unions but not marriage equality; and supported a federal constitutional ban on equality in the event 5 or more states got gay happy.  In 2011, long after he left office (and stopped campaigning for President) Rudy took the position that the marriage equality should be left to the states, but also criticized the New York Legislature for legalizing same-sex marriage. In other words, he does not support gay marriage.

The rest of the article is even more idiotic and dishonest (falsely accusing an actor of calling Republicans Nazis), but once you recognize that the dolt is lying about his main example of a tolerant G.O.P., there's no reason to waste more time on the dolt.


Big Jim Slade said...

Oh, nice title! You're definitely not working for the clampdown. But maybe you'd get a brand new cadillac if you did...

Of course, your title is better as it's actually a play on words, not just dropping the song titles in there.

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Anonymous said...

"Not affiliated with the fat FOX fuck."

So, you're the OTHER fat fuck.

Anonymous said...

He is, however, a supporter of cousin-marriage.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Roger crossed the Rudi-con.

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The rest of the article is even more idiotic and dishonest (falsely accusing an actor of calling Republicans Nazis)

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