Friday, January 25, 2013

We Must Get Ace of Spades Mental Health Treatment

Favorite line in Ace's call to action against the mediatatorship: "Now, until recently, liberalism had at least tried to give some lip service, and perhaps some actual consideration, to the faggy notions of process, fairness, access, and such."

Ace is a very conflicted soul.

Ace also opines:

Fox alone isn't enough. For one thing, any venture needs competition; Fox doesn't really have competition, not for the audience it's targeting.
For another thing, frankly, look: Fox is often pitched too low to do any good with any but the already-alarmed. (Which I consider to be possibly a function of a lack of competition.)
And it never puts him on the teevee either.

Has Ace forgetten about PJTV and The Blaze and ReasonTV and BreitbartTV and The Right Network?  It's almost as if he's given up on internet triumphalism.

Unfortunately, Ace doesn't offer any solutions about what should be done, apart from demanding that billionaires not named Murdoch or Anschutz or Zuckerman or Snider or Bain Capital LLC or Adelson (in the 51st state) "band together to purchase or build a media outlet."  

A high-pitched media outlet, presumably.

Maybe even an actual dog whistle.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I don't think it will help.

He doesn't want to change.

Rob said...

I actually think he had a good point. But as you say, no solutions.

The media outlets you mention are fine, but they have very limited impact in the big picture thus far.

Fortunately, those solutions are very much in reach.

Rob said...

I actually think he had a good point. But as you say, no solutions.

The media outlets you mention are fine, but they have very limited impact in the big picture thus far.

Fortunately, those solutions are very much in reach.

Roger said...


Ace claims that FOX has no competition, but if some billionaire starts up a competitor, that will just siphon off FOX's competition or cause FOX's viewers to watch more television than they currently do.

To increase influence, you'd have to have people who agree with FOX's message but don't watch FOX for some other reason.

There is no reason to believe there's a large group of people who won't watch FOX but would watch an alternative that was the same politically but different in aesthetics or tone.

Ace also doesn't address talk radio. Most people can listen to talk radio all day and night and get Ace's views without interruption.

There is no rational argument that people who want to hear what Ace is preaching can't get their fill with existing media outlets -- television, internet and radio. In other words, there is no media control of anything.

Steve J. said...

No matter what Jindal says, the GOP will always be The Stupid Party.

Bryan Fischer said...

"the faggy notions of process, fairness, access, and such."

Me too, Ace. The very first time I read the Bill of Rights my gaydar was going off like off like a motherfucker.

Steve M. said...

What's odd is that Ace could have written this at any time in the past decade, even on April 1, 2003, when Bush's flight suit was giving Chris Matthews a boner, and all the wingers on the Internet would have nodded sagely in agreement and said, "Yes, you're absolutely right -- liberal media bias has never been worse."

Roger said...


My question remains -- what would this AlternaFOX do to spread the conservative message or grow the conservative base that FOX can't do?

Over at Kausfiles, Kaus was proposing that a new FOX was needed because FOX has gone soft on immigration. Most of his commenters were calling FOX (or particular FOX hosts) RINOs. As you say, they're never satisifed.

PerceptionManagers.Org said...

Did you get a load of the comments on the Ace of Space site? The paranoid fears of these far right wing nut lunatics can not be assuaged. Fear, hatred and ignorance in equal parts at a warp factor 10.

Gun control is clearly aimed at these people. For their own safety.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no - just as Mitt Romney's team suffered from a lack of "balanced" polling to offset that of the leftist organizations, there's clearly a need for another billionaire-funded infotainment network, dedicated to bringing the Truth (or at least truthiness) to the American People. Only Ace of Spades can be trusted to meet this need.

In a spirit of dedication to the public good, Ace of Spades is willing to make the supreme sacrifice and lead this new organization. Unfortunately, this will require Ace of Spades to accept large sums of cash from the Koch brothers and their ilk. It's a sacrifice that Ace of Spades is willing to make, not for himself, but for our country's good.

(Shorter version: If these foolish billionaires are handing out cash on a first-come-first-served basis, why shouldn't Ace of Spades get in line?)

Anonymous said...

First of all, it seems the "left" complains about the MSM as much as the wingnuts. But would a new billionaires funded network going head to head with the bums and bimbos on Fox dilute Fox's influence, or up the membership in their congregation a bit? 'hard to say, but because of the way GOP members are going at each other, I think rival propaganda networks in pursuit of free market superiority might just tear each other down.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we complain about msm. Because we understand "journalism".

I wish your hypothesis about canceling each other out were valid, but surely a real competitor for fox would set off a race to out-radicalright each other that would only exponentially increase the amount of manure being spewn, with msm in tow. That's how things work here in opposite world.

Anonymous said...

I did not intend to spread those words out, fyi. Makes it sound like I'm being a dick.

Roger said...

As Alice Roosevelt Longworth said, "If you can say anything without sound like a dick, come sit next to me."

Roger said...

"can" = "can't"

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