Monday, January 28, 2013

All the Single Ladies

Kathryn Jean Lopez, on 1/27/13 C-SPAN airing of a National Review Institute panel of ladies:
"So how can we get single women to realize that the government is not their husband....?"
If K-Lo didn't exist, Jane Austen would have to be reanimated just to invent her.

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Substance McGravitas said...

On the other hand marrying Jesus is perfectly fine.

Montag said...

Huh? When did Uncle Sam stop being an uncle?

Anonymous said...

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blowback said...

K-Lo is far too boring and uninteresting for Jane Austen.

hells littlest angel said...

The government fucks them way more frequently than any husband would.

Anonymous said...

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Susan of Texas said...

Jane Austen should be reanimated just because it would be really cool.

There's little to no mention of religion in Austen's books. Morality, yes, lots, but none of the moralizing common in Victorian literature. K-Lo's special brand of selective piety and brainless devotion does make her a great character, however. She's one step away from Kathy Bates in Misery.

Too bad Buckley died a while back. She was his biggest fan.

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