Saturday, October 06, 2012


For those of you keeping track, the 10th anniversary of Roger Ailes, the blog, falls later this month. Only sixteen more shopping days 'til Rogermas.

Here're some helpful hints for those wishing to show Roger just how much you treasure it/him:
Traditional Gestures
Tradition dictates that you give tin on this anniversary, which can be a lofty goal in modern times. A common substitute is pewter or aluminum. Aluminum roses are both decorative and appropriate for the theme, and are available both artificially colored and plain. For men that don't particularly care for metal flowers, opt for something more practical, like a pewter picture frame, or something decorative, like a metal statuette.
Creative Spins
Think outside the box with a creative take on tradition. Some everyday items are made of, or at least contain, aluminum---including things that your husband may appreciate. Beer cans, for example, are made of aluminum; a generous supply of his favorite brew could be a welcome surprise. [ed. note -- or trigger an unwelcome relapse]  Accessories like sunglasses, fishing gear or even electronic gadgets can fit the bill as well. Other gifts may not be made primarily of aluminum or tin, but contain them. Special anniversary editions of popular gifts like barbecue kits and poker sets are made with this specific occasion in mind, and are made with just enough of the appropriate metals to make them fitting for the day.
Modern Alternatives
Another modern---albeit more expensive---alternative to tin is diamonds, which open up your options considerably. Many men's accessories are designed with diamonds. Cufflinks, watches, rings or earrings are stylish additions to a modern man's wardrobe.
Just remember, as in voting and emergency resuscitation, it's not the thought that counts.


Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Way back when, my wife would say "It's our one-month anniversary!" or "It's our three-month anniversary!" Since there were no official lists of appropriate gift materials for those days, I had to make up my own. One-month was little bits of crud off the floor. Three-month was lint. Six-month was empty candy containers in interesting shapes.

I don't recall any others. I think she stopped reminding me of fractional anniversaries, for some reason.

Ken Houghton said...

Maybe both Tin Machine albums.

Or video of Jane Wiedlin running the "heavy metal" category on VH1's musical Jeopardy without realizing the common, er, elements of Tin Machine, Silverchair, etc.

Roger said...

Of course, there's tinnitus, the gift that keeps on giving.

LT said...

I leave for five years and you not only put up a new post but you also change the design? Thanks a lot for keeping your #1 fan informed, Rog. Sheesh.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Roger, is it time to jump out and yell "Surprise!" to LT yet? You said you'd tell us when.

Roger said...

Five years? Even I never left that long!

LT said...

HA! Saw that coming, Kip.

Rog - truly - one of the reasons I love this blog is its pace. Keep up the good work. See you in five. ;?

susan said...

You're a treasure, Roger.

Love your new digs. Hope you are feeling well.

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Aluminum roses are both decorative and appropriate for the theme, and are available both artificially colored and plain