Thursday, October 25, 2012


Proving that there is no honor among sleaze, Dinesh D'souza is now being sued by the sugar daddy who bankrolled the film Obama's America.  Among other allegations, the plaintiff charges D'Souza with transporting his mistress to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions on the picture's dime, and with trying to use the film's publicists to do D'Souza's personal damage control.

Says the complaint, "D'Souza is using OAF resources to defend his reputation publicly."  Well, you've got to use what you've got.

The plaintiff also accuses D'Souza of some Romneyesque behavior:
In October 2011, D'Souza asked that $90,000 owed to him from OAF be paid to an account in India, which, Sain alleges on information and belief, was wired to India in order to hide the funds from the IRS, his current wife, or others.
D'Souza has lawyered up and denied some of the allegations. He does admit he's trying to make a documentary about Ronald Reagan, which is sure to be a big hit ... in 1984.


Anonymous said...

I hate to sound anti-colonial, but it's looking like the "Last Days of D'Raj" for the old D'uchebag.

Rick Massimo said...



You create a foundation and you don't notice that the acronym is OAF?

Or you do notice, and you don't change the name?


Well, now I have a sense of the aesthetic value of this film.