Monday, October 13, 2008

What Part Of Choice, Rights and Freedom Don't You Understand?

Lisa Schiffren is a demented freak. From The Corner:

Teenagers Acting Better Than Their Elders [Lisa Schiffren]

I was going to e-mail this story about a town in Texas where the high-school kids voted a classmate with Down Syndrome homecoming queen to all of the people I know who have expressed horror or contempt for Sarah Palin for not aborting Trig. But that would have taken too long. ...

What Schiffren is saying is that she is personally acquainted with, and knows the e-mail addresses of, innumerable people who have expressed contempt for Palin for not having an abortion.

What she means to say is that the view she attributes to those innumerable people is a prevalent view.

What she means to insinuate is that the view she attributes to innumerable people is a prevalent view among those who support abortion rights, or among liberals.

The composition and accuracy of the post both explain why Schiffren was a speechwriter for Dan Quayle.

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