Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Diebold Goes To The Movies

Sadly, No! has uncovered the most disturbing election fraud since Baskin-Robbins made John McCain spumoni in its Elect Your Flavorite straw poll. But the victim is fighting back:

We have had heard from numerous people across the country that there has been some ticket fraud when buying a ticket for An American Carol this past weekend.

Please check your ticket. If you were in fact one of those people that were "mistakenly" sold a ticket for another movie please fill out the form below. Hold on to your ticket so we can have proof.

If you have noticed other irregularities with the theatres in your area please let us know in the comment section below. For instance, Rated R film rating (when in fact we are rated PG-13), posters not being up, not being listed on the marquee, image or focus problems, sound issues, etc.

Please email us a picture of your ticket stub to fraud@americancarol.com

We are investigating.

I urge every good American to submit his or her personal horror story to the filmmakers, who are investigating. Your ticket to any other movie is the proof that's needed to blow this thing wide open! Your $9.50 is gone -- don't let them take our democracy as well.

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