Saturday, October 04, 2008

An Even Bigger Hack Named Kurtz

I suspect the real reason Stanley Kurtz's various paranoid fantasies about Barry X aren't getting any traction is that ol' Stan sounds like a soccer mom. I heard him on an XM Radio broadcast of Fox News, being interviewed by Steve Douchie about Senator Obama's purported ties to ACORN (which is solely responsible for the New Great Depression!), and he sounded like a constipated and terminally offended middle-aged white woman, whinging on about some people from her church she couldn't stand.

And Kurtz's delusion that the media isn't covering his delusions is laughable, given the amount of time and space he's been given on/in every Rupert Murdoch outlet (the WSJ, Fox News and the New York Post) that wouldn't require him to pose with his tits out.

Update (10/5): A reader with perfect pitch passes on this suggestion for Stanley's sound-a-like. Well spotted!

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