Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jammy Dodgers

Perpetual failed magazine intern Jammy Kirchick writes:

A not insignificant portion of liberals in this country believe that a small group of Jews, er, the "neocons," took control of the government following 9/11 to fight wars on behalf of Israel. Is not this slander as odious as the Internet rumors about Barack Obama?
Why, yes it is, Jammy. It's nice to see you admit you're a right-wing smear merchant.

No liberal believes that Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Condi, McCain et al. are Jews, and no liberal believes that those folks took control of the government following 9/11. They, and their war plans, were firmly in place before September 2001.

The existence of a few second-tier suck-ups in the Administration and some two-bit think tank wankers who sought to tie the Administration's delusions of conquest to the support of Israel doesn't make liberals conspiracy theorists or anti-semites.

It's telling that the only member of the "significant portion" of American leftists Jammy can name is the non-liberal (and Jewish) Joe Klein, who I won't bother to defend except to point out that he didn't espouse the beliefs Jammy attributes to the left. Jammy then cites a bunch of leftys who purportedly use "Nazi allegories to describe people and policies they don't like," which is hardly the m.o. of rabid anti-semites. Pick a smear and then stick with it, Jammy!

BoBo Brooks was discredited for publishing the same slander that Jammy now spouts, and BoBo was forced to eat his words. Perhaps Jammy's angling for a spot on the NYT editorial page come November, after MoDo and BoBo are institutionalized for "exhaustion."

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