Thursday, October 23, 2008

E! False Hollywood Story

Sideshow Bob is feeling put-upon:

"Are you kidding me? Of course it's true," Kelsey Grammer said when asked whether the town is hostile to conservatives. "I wish Hollywood was a two-party town, but it's not."

Grammer said he knows of a makeup trailer that sported a sign warning Republicans to keep out and of U.S. war veterans who keep their backgrounds a secret from their Hollywood co-workers because they hear them belittle the military.

He even said that, earlier in his career, his job was threatened by a prominent sitcom director who demanded he donate money to Barbara Boxer's U.S. Senate campaign. To keep his job, he gave $10,000 to Boxer and the Democrats.

Nowadays, Grammer is a bankable actor who is unafraid to speak his mind. His advice to less established industry players, though, is to shut up about politics -- "unless you think the way you are supposed to think," and that means liberal.
Interesting. Because back in 1992, an individual contributions of $10K to federal candidate were illegal. According to Newsmeat, Grammer only gave one thousand to Boxer's Senate run, on October 20, 1992. Big difference. Well, maybe the reporter got it wrong. Or maybe Grammer had a coke dealer named Boxer for Senate.

More interesting is the fact that ol' Kelse wrote the check during the last season of Cheers, just months before filming started on his own spin-off series, Frasier. Are we to believe that the unnamed teevee director had such pull he could get Grammer canned midway through filming of the last season of one of the most popular shows then airing, three years after Grammer had a deal with Paramount to star in his own television program, and while he was working with the three executive producers of Cheers to create the spin-off? For a one K contribution? I strongly suggest Sideshow Bob will never name that nefarious director, bankable though he may now be.

Kids, don't do drugs. They turn you into a Republican and a victim of your own imagination.

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