Tuesday, August 28, 2007

When Libertarians Attempt Comedy

The set up:

Last night I was trying to explain the relative intellectual standings of various presidential economic advisors to a former philosophy student. This led me to try to compare various CEA heads to their equivalents in philosophic eminence, which didn't go very well since I don't actually know anything about philosophy.

It did, however, lead to a hilarious session in which we tried to imagine a Presidential Philosophy Advisor...

TBogg has nothing to worry about.

Update: The libertarian sense of humour (sic) doesn't include the ability to laugh at yourself. 10 of the 12 comments in the above link have been deleted for being off topic, or referring to an off topic comment. And don't even think about wishing someone had a chronic disease. It's not funny, dagnabit, and I can recognize teh funny!

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