Monday, August 27, 2007

Short List

Via e-mail, Richard "Dickie the Vig" Viguerie has a short list of replacements for future convict Abu Gonzales:

Chris Cox
Miguel Estrada
Jim Gilmore
Edith Jones
Ed Meese
Ted Olson
Priscilla Owen
Charles W. Pickering, Sr.
William H. Pryor Jr.
Rick Santorum

What, you were expecting Bruce Fein?

My list is a little different:

David Iglesias
Carol Lam
Kevin Ryan
John McKay
Paul Charlton
Daniel Bogden
Margaret Chiara
Todd Graves
Bud Cummins

Whether or not any of these individuals are qualified for the position is open to debate. Whether Abu or any of the people on Dickie the Vig's list are is not.

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