Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Lies of The Haters

After Chris Hitch and the New York Post finish elevating the guy who crapped on the Koran to the status of secular saint/First Amendment martyr, perhaps they can hold a fundraising barbecue for the anonymous freedom warriors who taught a valuable lesson to these treacherous Mohammedans:

SARASOTA COUNTY - Islamic activists are calling on the FBI to investigate a hate crime in which a Bosnian family's home was burned July 6 and spray-painted with anti-Muslim slurs.

Hasib Sejfovic, 43, walked through what was left of his Avila Avenue home Friday afternoon. He looked at the charred remains of his couch, and the kitchen he recently spent $15,000 remodeling.

Ahmed Bedier, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, followed Sejfovic with a camera, filming the words "Kill all Arabs" that had been spray-painted in red on the floor.


Sheriff's detectives and authorities from the state fire marshal's division are investigating the arson and vandalism as a hate crime.


A neighbor driving by saw the flames and called authorities about 9 p.m. July 6.

The Sejfovic family was out of town on vacation and came home to find the inside of their house destroyed and their garage sprayed with anti-Muslim graffiti.

"Maybe they looked at the last name on the box," Sejfovic said. "I don't know how they knew we were Muslim."

Sejfovic said his family left Bosnia in 2001 for a better life. They did not speak English or know anyone here. Sejfovic works in lawn maintenance, and his wife works at a local grocery store.

What the MSM doesn't want you to know is that Sejfovic and his family were masterminding a plot to rape Christian babies. It's a shame that our repressive government is attempting to silence the speech of American heroes in yet another example of political correctness run amok.

(Sorry. Instead of exaggerating for comedic effect, I've actually downplayed the kind of hysterical claims wingnut bloggers are spouting on the issue. Forgive my subtlety.)

And here are a couple of articles that put the lie to the claim that New York authorities are Islamofascist stooges who won't charge a hate crime when Christian property is vandalized:

Officials determined the fire was deliberately set by Caleb Uriah Lussier, 21, of Plymouth, Mass., a former student at Word of Life Bible Institute, located farther down Route 9. Lussier told police he also set a Dec. 28, 2005, fire that heavily damaged a church in Plymouth, according to Post-Star archives.


Lussier told police at the time of his arrest that he focused on the churches because he believed in strict interpretations of the Bible and he disagreed with the churches' teachings.

Lussier was indicted in May 2007 on 10 felony charges, including one count of arson, as well as burglary, criminal mischief and grand larceny. The indictment also included hate crime enhancements based on Lussier's comments.
Three teens were arrested and charged for vandalizing a church in Frewsburg that occurred on July 4, 2007.

The New York State Police say the teens set fire to an American flag, a 10 Commandments sign and spray painted anti-religious slurs outside of the United Methodist Church in Frewsburg.

Two girls, 14 and 15, were charged with criminal mischief. A 16-year-old male was charged with criminal mischief, menacing and arson.

"The suspects not only burned the American flag but also spray painted slogans and symbols on the church which lead us to believe this is a hate crime," says Investigator Cindy Mullen of the New York State Police.

I'm sorry to beat a dead horse, but when the purportedly respectable Snitchens is granted space on Slate to opine without evidence that enhancements for crimes against Muslims result "simply out of fear, and because the fanatical believers in that particular holy book have proved time and again that they mean business when it comes to intimidation," someone needs to call the lying ginsack on his bullshit.

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