Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Meet Your Liberal Media: Wyatt to Lie Edition

Associated Press reporter Kristen Wyatt is either dissembling or has been played for a chump by the anti-choice crowd. She writes:

The 2005 fetal homicide was designed to penalize those who kill a pregnant woman or her viable fetus, but it includes a provision shielding pregnant women from prosecution for actions that result in their own fetus's death.

The exemption, meant to preserve the right to an abortion, hasn't been challenged in the courts, said Denise Burke, vice president and legal director of Americans United for Life, a Chicago-based group that seeks common ground on abortion issues.

In reality, while the common ground lie is peddled by Americans United for Life, the organization is active in efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade, in enacting legislation which violates Roe and the U.S. Constitution, and in peddling the bogus claim of a link between abortion and breast cancer. The group seeks to eliminate all reproductive choice and all rights to privacy -- to impose its will on the unwilling -- not to find common ground.

The most generous explanation for Wyatt's erroneous report is that she simply types up the tripe that is fed to her without question. I'm not feeling particularly generous.

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