Thursday, May 10, 2007

What Would You Ask Senator Obama?

I'm not in the business of promoting television news programs, but someone at ABC News took the time to personalize the mass e-mail she sent to me, so I'll give them a free plug. (Plus, ABC shitcanned that idiot Halperin, and progress should be rewarded.)

This Week with George Stephanopolous is soliciting questions for the show's guests to be submittted by cameraphone or webcam, starting with this Sunday's guest, Senator Barack Obama. If this works, they can have viewers videoing themselves reading the newspapers and save the boatload of cash going to Charlie Gibson.

My question is this:

Senator Obama, as you know from the madrassa story, the Republican Party is masterful at working with the corporate media to slander Democratic presidential candidates. Senator John Kerry and his campaign were slow to react to the smears made by Rove's hitmen, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and the smears were not debunked by the media. What strategy and resources do you have in place now to counteract Republican lies about you when they're made on This Week and left unchallenged by George Stephanopoulus?

Actually, my question would be:

It's great that you voted against the war in the first place, but what do you intend to do, as a Senator, between now and the first primary to end the occupation of Iraq? And when you will do it?

I don't have either a video cellphone or a telegenic puss, so feel free to steal these questions if you want to break in to showbiz.

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