Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Old Farts

If you've ever prayed for the opportunity to hear Bob Shrum opine on a weekly current events program, your prayers have been answered. From an e-mail received today:

The two new weekday shows [on Air America] include (sic)"Lionel" and "The Air Americans" hosted by veteran Mark Riley, with correspondents Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Mike Papantonio, David Bender and Laura Flanders, airing at 8p-12a weeknights. The new weekend shows include "Seder on Sunday" from 4-7p Sunday and "7 Days in America" 6-7p Saturdays, a week-in-review show with Arianna Huffington, Mark Green, Bob Kerrey and Bob Shrum.

Fortunately, the affilliate in my area fills most of the weekends with infomercials about real estate investors and colon cleansers.

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