Friday, May 18, 2007

God And 9/11 Made Me ... Filthy!

A stirring tale of sacrifice on the War on Terror:

One particular day provided some clarity. September 11, 2001. I don't think the English language has yet found the words to describe the pain and anguish we felt that day. And yet we learned much about each other. The bravery of the first responders who went up the stairs of burning buildings. The heroic selfless souls on United flight #93. The patience of tens of thousands of drivers who left the devastated areas in an orderly way.

I have not honked my car horn since September 11 as a gesture of respect to all of them. 9/11 also gave me a whole new insight into my Dad and why he left school in the 10th grade to enlist after Pearl Harbor. I wrote a book affirming his life. It changed my life and my relationship with my father -- and my son -- forever. We now share openly the love and respect and pride we have in each other. A day doesn't go by when other sons and daughters want to share stories of their dad with me. Now that's a journey I never expected, but one which is so meaningful -- perhaps even more important than my "career."

Bottom line. I'm working hard, laughing often and praying with purpose. On with life!

Tim Russert is the Managing Editor and Moderator of Meet the Press and political analyst for NBC Nightly News and the Today Program. He anchors The Tim Russert Show, a weekly interview program on CNBC and is a contributing anchor for MSNBC. His two books, "Big Russ and Me" in 2004 and "Wisdom of Our Fathers" in 2006, were both New York Times #1. bestsellers.

One can only imagine the torturous temptation Tim faces each time he passes a motorist with a Honk If You're Horny bumpersticker. Only a loving and faithful God, and that plexiglass panel between Tim and his driver, could sustain Tim in his darkest hour.

And that prayer with purpose? Oh Lord, the multi-million dollar advance is almost gone. I could really use a new book proposal right about now.

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