Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Dark Side of Nativism

In response to Pat Buchanan's claim that "in numbers higher than our native born, some [immigrants] are going berserk here," Eve Fairbanks points out the mini-crime spree committted by inbred drunken Papists named Buchanan.

Inexplicably, however, she forgets the most notorious homicidal loon of the Clan Buchanan:

Chris Matthews' [false] report that Kathleen Willey was threatened in January 1998 by Cody Shearer, a Washington journalist and investigator with close ties to the Clinton administration, nearly had tragic repercussions here on Sunday night.

After hearing the allegation -- first broadcast May 11 on CNBC's "Hardball" -- presidential candidate Pat Buchanan's older brother Hank, a 61-year-old former accountant with a history of mental illness, drove from his Maryland home to Washington to find Shearer.

And he had a gun.

Apparently, Buchanan easily found Shearer's home in a leafy Washington neighborhood....

Buchanan broke into Shearer's garage and slashed the tires of three cars, one of Shearer's housemates told Salon News. When two of Shearer's students entered the garage, Buchanan allegedly took out a gun and threatened them with it, then threatened a neighbor, who was trying to take out his garbage.

Perhaps Ms. Fairbanks omitted this example because she rationally fears that the right-wing lunatic would come after her with a gun. Either one, Pat or Hank.

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