Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Covering [For] Conflicts

Conflict of Interest Kurtz doesn't bother to inform his readers of Hugh "Jass" Hewitt's conflict of interest with respect to G.O.P. presidential politics. In his latest online column, Howie intros Baby Huey's critique of Fred Thompson as follows:

Was Bob Novak the only conservative disappointed in Fred Thompson's California speech the other night? Well, Hugh Hewitt also kept his socks on:

"Fred Thompson's speech was workmanlike, but given the build-up, underwhelming. With Bob Novak, Carl Cameron, John Fund etc in the room, I was expecting Big Fred to use the occasion to, if not declare, at least show the stuff that has many excited about the prospect of a Thompson race. He may have the music, but he didn't bring the band last night.

"It was a speech that President Bush could have given on substance, though full of some well worn and reliable anecdotes that got the automatic chuckles. I found myself agreeing with those who compare Big Fred's style with that of the vice president's: serious and experienced, using the aside to get a deserved laugh, a man of accomplishment though looking older than I had expected. Is he, I wondered, really running for veep? From six feet away I just didn't see the energy that will be absolutely required to power the next year-and-a-half of daily meet-and-greets, or the display of the sort of grasp of the new and the emerging to keep an electorate interested."

And just who might have the energy, Baby Huey? Got anyone in mind?

Can Mitt Romney be President -- and should he be? Renowned radio personality Hugh Hewitt says Yes!


Mitt Romney's campaign may sink. But if the country gets the debate and the campaign it deserves in the middle of this deadly conflict, the votes will be cast on the basis of the ability to lead, and to lead as an American would lead -- as a Lincoln, a Truman, an FDR or a Reagan led: with optimism and purpose, and a certain conviction of the goodness of the country and the courage and resolve of its people. And that leader, says Hugh Hewitt, is Mitt Romney.

Perhaps Howie the Hack is truly ignorant of Hewitt's endorsement of Muff, as well as Hewitt's financial interest -- in the form of increased sales of his pro-Muff tome -- in extending the life support on Muff's futile campaign. It's not like Howie's paid to critique the media or anything. Or maybe Howie's friendship with Hewitt causes him to cover for Hewitt. (Hewitt claims that Kurtz is a weekly guest on Hewitt's radio show, although I'm skeptical of that claim.) In any event, Howie's doing Hewitt's dirty work in attempting to kill any campaign by a man who, if he entered the race, would kick Muff's two-faced candy ass back to prep school.

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