Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Ron Phony-A Just Can't Quit Fake Top Dems

Ron Phony-A's e-mailbox is once again clogged with moist missives sent directly from the FOX News Channel green room. So "Many" senior Dems are hopping mad at Secretary Clinton for using a personal e-mail address as Secretary of State that Ron can't name them all. 

Or any of them.

They're so top-pissed that only the release valve of Ron's confidences prevents them from speaking publicly (or, possibly, buying sniper rifles).
Many senior Democrats are angry, though not yet mad enough to publicly confront the Clintons. "This story has legs as long as the election," said a Democrat who has worked on Capitol Hill and as a presidential campaign manager. "She will be tripping over this crap until the cows come home."
Another presidential campaign veteran who held a Cabinet-level post in Bill Clinton's White House fretted out loud about the fact that the former first lady is breezing toward the Democratic nomination.
"We can't have a coronation when she's handing Republicans an inquisition," the Democrat said.
Hmm... how many "Cabinet-level" Dems fret exactly like Maureen Dowd?

Answer: Not including Ron Phony-A? None.


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