Monday, March 02, 2015

Did G.O.P. Anti-Semitism Cause A Suicide?

I'm not understanding this story from Missouri:
Let’s set the table for what is destined to be an emotional, and highly impactful, week ahead for the Missouri GOP.
The centerpiece of the next seven days will be Tuesday’s funeral for former state Auditor Tom Schweich in his hometown of Clayton.
A Republican party leader starting a vile whispering campaign against an opponent in his own party? Dog bites man. A Republican anti-semitic whispering campaign? Dog eats dog food.

But why would that possibly cause someone to kill himself? Did Schweich want to be governor so much that the thought of losing was too much to bear? Of Missouri? Did he believe that the rumors would cost him his party's nomination? Would a man taught to fight anti-semitism by his grandfather fold in the face of an anti-semitic attack?

The connection between the two events is tenuous at best. This post-mortem article portrays Schweich as a little too intense for his own good, but not unstable. (It also has the instigator denying any improper motive or intent.)  Most likely Schweich either had other, more serious problems or. possibly, he shot himself accidentally.  Whatever the cause, it's very tragic for the man's family.


Thermos Hildebrand said...

This story needs to go national. Tom Schweich was a rare bird: a no-compromise, hard-working, idealistic go-getter who was determined to get rid of the plentiful corruption in the state government. So right there, you can see why he had to be stopped by the Missouri GOP, many of them ALEC's or billionaire Rex Sinquefield's bitches. Some things are not known for certain, but what is known is enough to have the republicans embarrassed and ashamed, if they have the capacity for these emotions. The Post-Dispatch had a pretty good story about it yesterday (Feb.1). Schweich was not Jewish, but his grandfather was. If Schweich had lived, there would be hell to pay in Jeff. City. Billionaire Rex Sinquefield's stooges are probably very relieved. Google this: schweich sinquefield

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