Friday, March 06, 2015

Drunken Bigots In The Morning

On this morning's Drunken Joe, Republican tosspot Joe Scarborough sobered up long enough to condemn an anti-Semitic organization and demand that its leaders be held accountable.  In fact, the spluttering sot was so filled with righteous rage that he almost commited an act of elder abuse against the befuddled Mike Barnicle.  Then he demanded that this video (full text here) concerning the incident be shown:

Oh wait. No he didn't.  The sot and his fellow dolts, Barnicle, Heillman and Ratner, pretended not to know about GOP anti-semitism.  Drunken Joe was talking about a story in which some UCLA students on a student government board asked a Jewish potential nominee for another student government position whether she could be unbiased, the board appointed the nominee to the position, the questioning students apologized to the appointee and to the Jewish community for asking her the questions, and the chancellor of UCLA condemned the questions. 

Not exactly a anti-semitic whisper campaign which causes a suicide and no consequences for its perpetrators.  Which drunken bigots know of, but must pretend does not exist.



Anonymous said...

“We don’t like to wave the flag of anti-Semitism, but this is different,” Rabbi Aaron Lerner, the incoming executive director of the Hillel chapter at U.C.L.A., said of the vote against Ms. Beyda. “This is bigotry. This is discriminating against someone because of their identity.”

Spot on. Bibi is making life difficult or non existent for everyone.

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