Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More On Mickey Kaus

Mickey Kaus has now posted at the posting that got him Tucker-canned from The Daily Caller.  It's even stupider that I imagined.

Kaus grouses that "immigration amnesty supporter" Rupert Murdoch won't incessantly bash immigrants on his property, the Fox News Channel.  (The slaphead's slim sampling for proof is limited to the one show he wakes up to watch key-word search transcripts of, The Kelly File.) Why, Megyn Kelly never made the evils of immigration the top story in the month and a half Kaus hate-watched the show.  It's almost as if Murdoch wasn't giving enough airtime to promote a view he doesn't agree with.  Who could have imagined?

Kaus can't suss why FNC would ignore immigrant-bashing when such bashing appeals to FNC's Obama-hating base.  It doesn't occur to him that FNC's viewers will tune in no matter the cause of the channel's Obama-bashing, so the channel has the incentive to promote a more telegenic and exciting cause to bash the Kenyan usurper. Perhaps Kaus could get some undocumented workers to dress him in orange and behead him on digital -- surely that would dominate the cycle!  But those selfish assholes are too busy working to make breaking news.

Kaus simpers that the insufficient level anti-amnesty coverage is "a proven pro-anmesty posture."  ("The absence of animus," &c...., apparently.)  So-called family values Obama-haters surely would like for FNC to program more anti-homo-themed Obama-bashing. (Kaus might enjoy that too, especially if the homos were immigrants.)  But Kelly's failure to lead with the President's LGBT-friendly rhetoric at Selma, or the beefs of a breeders-only baker, doesn't mean Kelly, or FNC, is pro-equality.

So Kaus is out of work, left to search for an immigrant-hater with deep pockets -- at least deep enough to pay some fraction of the pittance Carlson was paying him -- to keep him as he's accustomed.  Since the blogging thing isn't working out for him, maybe some sort of manual, non-union labor will suit.  Good luck, Mickey!

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Scott Lemieux said...

Is Steve Sailer hiring?

Roger said...

Razib Khan's op-ed NYT op-ed slot is open, or he could run for Aaron Schock's House seat.

SqueakyRat said...

What happened to Kaus? He used to be semi-rational (I'm talking about 20 years ago).

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