Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Wasilla Hillbillies Strike Back

The wingnuts are starting their own Civil War, and fighting over who gets to be the Confederacy. But you'd think even the Hillbillies could choose a better leader than Oly Olafson of RedState.

You've got to love this cryptic threat/boast from Oly:

P.S. - Did I ever tell you how RedState was able to stock Gov. Palin's campaign plane with twenty of these?. We were glad to. And we were glad not to mention it at the time. We are rooting for Sarah Palin. Don't make us add you to our list. Do you really want to be next to Kathleen Parker in the leper colony?
Yumpin' Yimimy, Oly. You donated 20 friggin' coffee mugs to Sharia Plain's campaign. Anyone with such awesome power and influence is rightly to be feared.

It's not so much a circular firing squad as a circle jerk with shootin' irons.

Update: TBogg has already spotted Oly's mighty mug boast.

P.S. If I sent the Obama/Biden team a set of steak knives, could I call Joe Lieberman a V.D. sufferer?

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