Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Election Story

My polling place is three blocks from where I live. On the walk over, I saw four Obama/Biden signs. Unfortunately, two of the four were in the same yard as two Yes On 8 signs. I got to the polls at 6:56 a.m., and was eighth in line. I was the sixth voter to place my ballots in the machine. When I left there were about 20 voters in line. The number of voters was slightly up from 2004, when I voted at approximately the same time. No one was wearing campaign gear, and no one disclosed their votes on line. An eldery woman with a walker, but not a billy club, urged me and those in the queue to "Vote right," although she seemed too coherent to be a Republican. I neither wet my pants nor blogged hysterically about this outrageous vote tampering, which will certainly invalidate John McCain's claim of legitimacy, should he prevail.

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